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Contact: Katy Walton
Home P.O. Box 2114 Thompson Falls Home Phone: 406-827-0066 Website: www.western-montana-art.com


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Art has existed in my world for many years.  I guess you could say that I grew up with it.  Mom was a graphic design artist, specializing in the Aerospace industry.  Dad was a Navy Photographer, then a professional photographer for government contracts, and finally headed up the Photo Lab at Edwards Air Force Base.  So that gene didn’t fall far from the family tree.  My direction didn’t follow that path, though, until after spending 40 years in the computer science and business administration fields.  Upon retiring in 2005, I took up the paint brush and haven’t put it down since.  I work in all the major mediums, i.e., oil, acrylic, pastel and watercolor.  My art is scanned using high-end equipment and is available in prints, notecards and post-cards.  Occasionally, I’ll sell the original.  I do commissioned work, too.